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Open Theme: Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2015

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VELVET 17 – Group Exhibit

Minna Pyyhkala, Talitha Brauer, Saneesh Sukumaran, Honza Horak, Melanie Blanding, Šárka Thérová

Photography Exhibit

Velvet_17_Image_5bGabriela Zajickova.
by Honza Horak
Velvet_17_Image_6bCity of Hysteria.
by Melanie Blanding
Velvet_17_Image_4bGas Mask.
by Saneesh Sukumaran
Velvet_17_Image_3bVratislav Kaňkovský, b. 1923.
by Talitha Brauer
Velvet_17_Image_1bLuboš Zajíc, age 38.
by Minna Pyyhkala
Velvet_17_Image_2bDesk with Braille Writer.
by Minna Pyyhkala
Velvet_17_Image_7bShopping Bag.
by Šárka Thérová
Velvet_17_Image_8bLiving Room.
by Minna Pyyhkala

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