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Welcome to Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy, and the Arts

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Aims and Scope

Ubiquity is an open access, peer-reviewed, online, multimodal international journal that publishes work covering a broad spectrum of topics in the areas of literature, literacy, arts and related fields. The journal is cross-disciplinary, and provides an important forum for thought-provoking research and analyses of practice and policy centered on literacy and arts education. It also publishes original literary work, art, and journalism. Select strands within the journal accept publications incorporating video, audio, animation, images, graphics, and hypertext, focusing on works that use two or more of these together. Ubiquity invites urban, rural and international perspectives.


The journal serves researchers, educators and a larger community of readers who represent both traditional and non-traditional diverse audiences.


Ubiquity invites submissions in four major strands:

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The Research strand discusses recent trends in research and theory in literature, literacy, arts and related fields. A wide range of formats and methodologies is accepted, including qualitative research, quantitative studies, narrative research, single case studies, ethnography, content analysis, discourse analysis, surveys, experiments, mixed methods research, conceptual and theoretical pieces, and meta analyses. Read more…

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The Praxis strand publishes practical applications (strategies, programs, teaching ideas, classroom projects, etc.) and articles on innovative approaches to teaching literature, literacy, the arts and related fields in the classroom and beyond. It also accepts critiques and models of assessments and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching critical literacy, mulitmodality, social justice, and innovative thinking. Read more…

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The Creative Works strand solicits and celebrates original literary work, artistic expressions, and other creative compositions (e.g. drama, poetry, music, fictional or documentary film, and photography) from students, educators, writers, and artists. The overarching goal of this strand is to showcase  the interrelationship of literature, literacy and the arts through different genres, forms, and media. Read more…

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The Community News strand features news about literature, literacy, arts and related fields from the community. The community is broadly defined as students, parents, writers, artists, activists and policy makers. The strand invites submissions in diverse journalistic forms (e.g. feature articles, fact-sheets, newsletters, editorials, letters, essays, and reports). Read more…


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