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Issue 2.1

Multimedia Writing in the Classroom and Beyond: Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2015

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Semiotic Compositions

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Painting in Photography
Lessons in Vulnerability
Aaron Bodle, Cheri Beverly, Katie Dredger, Diane Foucar-Szocki, Teresa Harris, Shin Ji Kang, Douglas Loveless, Margaret B. Shaeffer, Jane Thall, and Phil Wishon
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Literary Compositions

Mozart at St. Luke’s
Theron Montgomery
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Meditation for Graduation         
David L. Keiser
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The Social Circuit
Sara E. Omer
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As told in second person in the distant future, you unintentionally start a social rebellion for androids and cyborgs. You befriend social outcasts at your school, watch robots create art, and change your opinions on equality and humanity. Your social media profile, and what ultimately amounts to a retweet, make you a celebrity and spark a tumultuous revolution and reform. (READ MORE).

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