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Creative Works Author’s Guidelines

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Creative Works

The Creative Works strand of Ubiquity is intended to showcase examples of high quality work in visual art, music, poetry, literature, performance, video and other creative endeavors that illustrate or address the overarching themes of literacy and graphicacy in the literary, plastic and audiovisual arts. A wide range of creative genres are thus accepted, including diverse visual media (sculpture, ceramics, painting, printmaking, etc.), digital media (video, photography, animation, video games, websites, etc.), written expression (poetry, prose, memoirs, etc.) and musical compositions of various sorts (original compositions, exploration of genres, etc.). Publications in this strand should ideally include written explications of the significance or implications of the work, linked through the Research or Praxis strand, toward multimodal synthesis.

Because we are a digital-only publication, we can only accept digital files of creative works for peer review. Sculptors and others whose work appears physically in three dimensions should submit multiple perspective photos of their work (front, back, sides, and from above) using high-quality photography. Each photo should not exceed 5 Mb. Chemical photographers, painters and printmakers, etc. should also have high-quality digital reproductions made of their work and sent to us in the JPEG format, not to exceed 5 Mb. Whether originated in the digital or physical realm, each photo submitted to us should not exceed 5 Mb.

Works submitted for the Creative Works strand should reflect high-quality, innovative expression in the fields of language arts, visual arts, music, and other forms of literacy. Creative Works strand seeks submissions celebrating the intersection of literacy, literature, and the arts.

Submissions to the Creative Works strand will be reviewed by qualified professionals on the basis of the following general criteria:

– Does the creative work conform to or contribute to the journal’s aims to foster dialogue about literature, literacy, and the arts?

– Does the creative work conform to the highest standards of quality in its given discipline?

– Does the creative work illustrate critical, reflective, engaging perspectives on the journal’s themes?

All submissions are subject to a double- blind review process by at least two members of editorial review board, selected for their expertise in the particular discipline involved. Upon completion of the review, the editors evaluate the reviewer comments along with the manuscript and make a recommendation regarding submission that may be:

  • Accept (as is or with minor revisions)
  • Accept conditionally with revisions (only editors should determine if the revisions are acceptable)
  • Revise and Resubmit (editors and original reviewers determine if revisions are acceptable)
  • Reject
  • Resubmit elsewhere (if we feel this strand is not a good fit)

Specific types and criteria for submissions to the Creative Works strand include, but may not be limited to the following:

Semiotic Compositions

No more than 10 clear, labeled images of high-quality JPEG files at a minimum 72 dpi setting (300 recommended), with at least a 700 x 400 pixel display, accompanied by explanatory text or captions.  Submissions should address journal themes in thoughtful or innovative ways. Compositions will be reviewed according to the standards of quality determined by expert reviewers from each discipline represented, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, film, video, animation, photography, sculpture, textiles, performance, and mixed media.

Literary Compositions

Works of 500 to 2000 words will be considered on the basis of quality determined by expert reviewers in each discipline, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, based upon the extent to which the work contributes to the central thematic dialogue of this journal.

Aural/Video Compositions

Submissions of digital video (MPEG-4 format) or audio (mp3  or wav. format) works of 3 – 5 minutes will be reviewed by qualified professionals familiar with the instruments, genre, or musical theory underlying each piece.  Among other criteria, attention will be paid to the sound quality of the submitted recording, the skill of the performers, and the works’ relationship to the journal’s overarching themes.

Note: Video files should be saved as H.264 files with an MP4 suffix. The size of the file must not exceed 500MB.  The resolution should be 1280 x 720. The format must not exceed 720p. We recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio. The length of the file must not exceed 5 minutes.  You can find a free conversion service online such as MPEG Streamclip if you do not have conversion software of your own.  The journal reserves the right to edit the video file size, if needed, in preparation for publication.

Sui Generis Compositions

Sui Generis compositions include those that lie outside the traditional categories of creative work. This may be particularly true of certain kinds of multimodal work such as moving type fonts, game structures, abstract video creations and those works that use a multiplicity of these forms simultaneously. The journal is prepared to identify qualified professionals to give substantive feedback on such submissions as needed.

For specific information regarding acceptable formats for visual, audio, and video material, see General Submission Guidelines and Review Policy

To submit, go to this portal: Open Journal System (OJS)

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