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This strand solicits and celebrates original literary work, artistic expressions, and other creative compositions (e.g. drama, poetry, music, fictional or documentary film, and photography)  from students, educators, writers, and artists. The overarching goal of this strand is to showcase  the interrelationship of literature, literacy and the arts through different genres, forms, and media.


Semiotic Compositions | Aural Compositions | Video Compositions | Literary Compositions | Creative Works Submissions Guidelines

Semiotic Compositions

Semiotic compositions are iconic, symbolic, image-based or graphically arresting creations which typically take a two-dimensional form.   These include manipulated photography, abstract images, collages, montages, both hand- and computer-aided drawings, and virtual sculpture.

Art Selections:

Fredricks painting (Art) Chrion Project--03 (Art) Primary Colors (Art)
Antistrophos (Art) Coney Island Red Box (Art) Gabriela Zajickova (Art)


Aural Compositions

Aural compositions include musical and sonic works made with either synthetic or traditional instrumentation. These may include compositions with or without vocals and may run the gamut between traditional musical pieces and completely computer-generated sounds.

Aural Composition Selections:

by Khalilah Ali


Lake Kentucky: A crossroads of sacred text, popular protest, and folk aesthetics
George L. Boggs


Video Compositions

Video compositions are moving images in a variety of media that may have originated in traditional physical film, digital video, sequential photography, animation, or some combination of these.

Video Composition Selections:

by Randy Johner, Kelsey Culbert, John Loeppky, Kennen Dorgan, Kaitlyn Hoar, Rebekah Lindenbach, Avery Ottenbreit


Literary Compositions

Literary compositions are works of poetry, short fiction, and drama. This may include teleplays, screenplays and short theatrical works.


Sui Generis

Sui Generis compositions include those that lie outside the traditional categories of creative work. This may be particularly true of certain kinds of multimodal work such as moving type fonts, game structures, abstract video creations and those works that use a multiplicity of these forms simultaneously.

To submit, go to this portal: Open Journal System (OJS)



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