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Ubiquity is a peer-reviewed journal. Manuscripts for Research, Praxis, and Creative Works are subject to a double- blind review process by at least two members of an editorial review board. Submissions to News from the Community are reviewed by editors.

The average time expected for review is about six to eight months. Submissions to Ubiquity during summer months will require a longer review process.

The editors are the ultimate judges in the review process and they communicate to the author (s) the review decision, including the reviewer comments. Any revisions suggested by the editors and the reviewers must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the letter from the editor to the author(s). Late manuscripts may be rejected.

If the manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review process or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the journal or strand scope, the editors reject and return the manuscript with no further processing.

Ubiquity is published twice a year, in Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer; however, submissions will be accepted and reviewed year-round. Manuscripts to be considered for Fall/Winter publication should be submitted on or before September 1; manuscripts for Spring/Summer issues should be submitted on or before December 1.


Please refrain from including personally identifiable information in your articles so that our reviewers will not be able to guess the identity of any of the authors.

To learn how to ensure that your submission is free from personally identifiable material, consult tutorial video 6 for making submissions or read this PDF.


For further questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To submit, go to this portal: Open Journal System (OJS)

Please review  before submission our Strand Specific Submission and Review Guidelines.


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